Logistics Consolidation and WTISS Building Design-Build Project

Project Overview

This Air Force facility project allows the Department of National Defence to consolidate its EME, Supply, Transport and Logistics units into one facility at 17 Wing, Winnipeg. The total square footage of this project, excluding mezzanines, is 261,000 ft2. This was one of the most difficult projects tackled in Caspian’s history due to a number of factors. Initially, the site selected for this project by DND was not suitable because it was a) contaminated b) water-logged and c) formerly used as a dumping area for the base. This, in conjunction with 2003/2004 having extremely precipitous seasons, made this a challenging project. Despite this and numerous other setbacks beyond our control, we were still able to deliver this project on time and on budget.

Logistics Building:
This building houses four separate units: Logistics, EME, Transport and Supply. Also included is an administration wing for all four units. The building occupies 220,000 ft2 (excluding mezzanines) and features the most creatively designed main entrance on the base. The fast-tracked nature of this design-build project also made it more challenging considering the scope of work but nonetheless, Caspian performed on-time and on-budget.

WTISS Building:
The main function of this building is to control and administer all telecommunications at CFB Winnipeg. There are rooms where every sound is automatically recorded and any sound from within the rooms is impervious to outside detection. The server farm located in the center of the building contains numerous servers able to handle any national emergency. This building is self-contained to house the national operational support groups.